Wednesday, July 18, 2007

2 requests from Avda
Made in Sweden - Live At The Golden Circle (1970) SWE

Mecki Mark Men - Mecki Mark Men (1968) SWE


kingpossum said...

Bless you costan for these two fine Swedish prog albums! Anyone who is even half interested in prog of any sort would be well served to investigate these artists...

...and they're just two of hundreds of releases from the "golden era" of Swedish prog that are worth investigating.

Now, is there a chance someone could post the mega-rare vinyl-only release from Carston Regild?


Frog said...

Volio bih pozdraviti Avdu. Javi se ponekad (zabic).

Anonymous said...

zakon ti je blog!! zaaakon za nas starije rockere..pita sin di se moze nabavit Stillness-Banana Split...Hvala ti za Don Huan !

costan said...

za Stillness nažalost nisam ni čuo.

pozdrav, Costan

avdo said...

Hej frog

Javio sam ti se na obadije tvoje adrese

Javi se na

Best wishes from Malmö

Heavypsychman said...

Stravo dude

Thanks for posting Mecki Mark Men 1967 LP

It's underrated.

PS/Yugo band Grupa Time is great