Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kameleoni - Best of 1966-67 (1994 K) YUG
Bitrate: 320 MP3
Size: 60 + 50
Artwork Included
Download: Part1Part2


1. Sjaj izgubljene ljubavi
2. Girl
3. La Felicita
4. San Francisco
5. See See Rider
6. California Dreaming
7. Story Of My Brown Friend
8. Something You've Got
9. Looking For Me
10. Gdje si ljubavi
11. Con Le Mie Lacrime
12. Dedicated To The One I Love
13. With A Girl Like You
14. Una Bambolina Che Fa No
15. For No One
16. Too Much On My Mind

pwd: najpogodnijemesto


bozhidar said...

Hi Costan!
It's seems to be a problem with a part one of Kameleoni. I can't get a link.
By the way you have a very important blog. Thank you!

costan said...

Link fixed..